Save Big With These Wedding Catering Cost-Cutting Tips

Creating the perfect wedding often means creating a hefty price tag, especially when it comes to supplying food and drink for all of your guests. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can make your reception go off without a hitch and without spending a fortune. Take a look at these catering cost-cutting tips and see for yourself:

Avoid Buying More Food Than You Need

It's okay to order a few extra food items in case a few extra guests make a last-minute appearance. However, it's important to not overdo it when ordering. Also, consider what your guests may or may not eat. If a certain number of your guests are vegetarians, then you can possibly skip ordering the same number of appetizers.

Consider Less-Expensive Food Options

Keep in mind that certain food selections can send your catering bill soaring. For example, scallops, shrimp and other seafood items usually cost more than chicken and vegetarian options. A creative way of managing your catering bill is by offering your guests a conventional sit-down salad and a buffet consisting of pasta and chicken dishes shortly afterward.

Satisfy Every Taste Bud with Food Stations

Instead of iron-clad dinner or appetizer choices, you can use food stations to give your guests plenty of choices without busting your budget or sowing disappointment over food choices. A well-stocked food station should offer a modest variety of different foods, which can range from pastas and vegetarian fare to ethnic foods matching the backgrounds of the guests of honor.

Get a Discount for Buying in Bulk

If you do have to buy a lot of food for your guests, find out if you can negotiate a discount with your caterer beforehand. This can be especially helpful if you buy more of the same type of dish. This insures that your guests have plenty to eat without it impacting your budget in a significant way.

Avoid Dinnertime Ceremonies

A sunset wedding is a romantic way of exchanging vows, but it also means your guests expect to be fed well. Dinner meals can get pretty expensive, especially for meat and seafood dishes. If your budget doesn't allow for elaborate dinners, then you might want to consider an earlier ceremony.

For instance, early afternoon weddings planned after the lunch hour are often less expensive to cater. Afternoon receptions only require appetizers on hand and the occasional drink, leaving the dinnertime accommodations solely up to the guests.