Staying On Track With Weight Loss Goals While Eating At A Fine Restaurant

You're on track for your weight loss goal so far, which makes you feel great. One technique you rely on is to avoid restaurants altogether because you're afraid the high-calorie items will be too tempting. Now, however, you're expected to come along for a get-together at a fine dining establishment you love, and you really want to go.

Use some smart strategies to have dinner at this restaurant while not losing momentum on your goal:

Fill up on Salad

It's not uncommon for restaurant patrons to only eat a little salad, preferring to save their appetite for the main meal. Do just the opposite and you won't be as likely to devour the entire entree you order. Eat all the greens and other veggies if you're served one bowl. Have a couple of helpings if the restaurant has a salad bar or if your group receives a big serving dish to share.

If this restaurant menu separates the salad order from the main course, you might normally skip the salad altogether. This time, order one and finish it up.

Order Lower-Calorie Food

Plan ahead for what you will order so you're not completely distracted by high-calorie meals on the menu. Choose items such as grilled or broiled fish, grilled chicken and pasta with tomato sauce. Avoid poultry skin, anything fried and meals that are drenched in cheese or rich sauces. 

If you're really hungry for red meat, consider ordering a surf-and-turf option with lean steak and some grilled salmon or broiled shrimp. The restaurant might have sirloin tip side steak, top sirloin or a top round steak in a 4-oz. size. Filet mignon and Porterhouse steaks are a bit higher in calories, but a 4-oz. portion is still reasonable.

If you know that plenty of salad will take the edge of your appetite, you might just have the turf and not bother with the surf.

Eat Half Your Meal

When the server sets your plate on the table, divide the food in half with your knife. Eat half at a leisurely pace and take the rest home for the next day. 

Go Easy on the Alcohol

A few glasses of wine with dinner bring in a boatload of calories with nothing to speak of in nutrition. If you love having wine at a fine dining establishment, stick with one glass. 

Enjoy Yourself

Consider your evening at this restaurant a reward for staying on track with your weight loss goal. When you discover that you can eat at this dining establishment without overindulging, you'll know that you can go back again and again.