Teach Your Kids The Joy Of Cooking By Making Pizza And Cake

If your kids stay 10 feet away from the kitchen, because they do not like to help you out, make cooking fun for them. There are many ways you can do this, such as making pizza dough, using fun toppings on the pizza, and then mixing up and icing a cake.

Pizza Pizza

Kids love pizza, and they can have fun making it. Let them do everything from start to finish starting with the dough. You should make enough for two or three pizzas. Let them measure and pour in the flour, yeast, salt, sugar, etc. into the bowl and use their hands to mix the ingredients together. This is much like playing with play dough, and they will have fun doing it.

Set the dough aside, and get the ingredients together. Put out bowls with pepperoni, different types of cheese, sausage, macaroni and cheese, chicken, chunks of pineapple, and other fun ingredients.

Tell them to spread out the pizza dough on the pans, spread sauce over the dough, and start creating their masterpieces.

Cake for Dessert

Choose your favorite cake recipe, and set out all the ingredients. Let your child stand up on a chair so they can reach the counter, if needed. Before you get started, help your child get the pans ready by greasing and flouring them, and set aside.

Go ahead and measure out each ingredient in measuring cups so your kids can pour them into the bowl. If the recipe calls for salt, put it in a measuring spoon, and then pour it into their hands to let them sprinkle it into the bowl.

Let them crack the eggs into the bowl and set the shells aside. If the recipe calls for any liquid, such as milk, pour it into a measuring cup. Let your child pour the liquid into one of the eggshells to pour into the mixture. They may have to do this more than once, as a half eggshell will not likely be large enough to hold all the liquid at once.

When they are finished mixing the cake, help them pour the mixture into the pan, and put them into the oven. While the cake is cooking, you may want to consider making your own icing, or you can purchase it already made. Either way, let your kids icing the cake themselves.

Your kids will likely have a great time making pizzas and cake. Serve the pizzas to your family, and then eat the cake for desert. Your kids will feel proud knowing they made the entire meal on their own. Talk to local pizza experts, such as Sunrise Pizza & Steak House, for more information.