4 Gift Ideas For Your Cheese-Loving Friend

If you have a foodie friend whose biggest food passion is cheese, why not get them a cheese-themed gift? It doesn't have to be a cheesy gift either; there are a lot of unique and fun gift ideas that are also helpful for someone with this particular food favorite. Here are four gift ideas to consider giving to someone who has cheddar on their mind.

Cheese-Themed Gift Basket

One great idea is to make them a cheese-themed gift basket. This can either be one you purchase that is already put together, or you can create the backset yourself. There are many ways to put together a delicious cheese gift basket. First choose a container or basket to put the items in, then start filling. You can choose to fill it all with different types of artisanal cheeses, or include other food items, such as crackers or meats that go well with the cheeses you have chosen. You might also want to include a bottle of wine that pairs nicely with that cheese, and include a little serving plate and cheese-spreading knife.

Cheese of the Month Club

You can also give them the gift of cheese with a monthly subscription box. There are different types of cheese-of-the-month clubs, varying from clubs that will send a box of different varieties of cheese each month, to sending a single wheel of a certain type of artisanal cheese. Others will send boxes similar to a gift basket with wine, crackers, or other gourmet food items along with the cheese. You can select from different memberships, but cheese delivery would certainly be an amazing way to experience new or exotic types of cheese. 

Platters and Serving Dishes

Another option is to give them a variety of platters and serving dishes for their cheese. For example, you can combine a cheese plate, large serving platter, and set of cheese knives into one gift. You can also use items that allow them to prepare meals with the cheese, such as a high-quality cheese grater, cheese plane, and cheese wrapping paper. Kitchenware items are a great gift for someone who enjoys preparing their own meals at home.

Classes About Cheese

Finally, consider finding a local cheese shop that offers classes. There may be a class teaching about the history of cheese or how it is made, or another that actually teaches how to make custom cheeses at home. Some classes teach people how to properly pair wine and cheese, or about the varieties that are less popular.