Using Waffles To Make Your Wedding Catering Truly Memorable

When you're catering for a wedding, it's always nice to do something different than what other wedding parties are doing. This helps give your event a unique flair that will make it memorable for years to come. Here is a great option that will make your wedding catering different than what others are serving and that will, in turn, make your wedding a memorable one.

Host a Waffle Bar

Waffles are a delicious option for a wedding party. They are more substantial than crepes, but they are infinitely variable. When you combine multiple waffle flavors with different toppings, you can have a variety that is virtually unlimited. Here are some great options for your waffles that you can then build upon with toppings.

  • Liege waffles are made with yeast and pearl sugar, separating them from a standard Belgian waffle. Liege waffles are sweet and have a fantastic crust on the outside, combined with a soft and chewy interior. For added variety you can serve cinnamon Liege waffles in addition to a standard Liege waffle.
  • Belgian waffles are distinguished by the use of yeast. This gives them a longer lead time (often they need to be made 24 hours in advance), but it gives them a superior texture to waffles that use baking powder for a leavening ingredient. The yeast gives these waffles a tang that you normally don't associate with waffles, but that gives them a wonderful contrast to the typical sweet flavors that people use as toppings
  • Regular waffles are a great option as a third or fourth choice for your guests. You can also mix things up by using chocolate, pumpkin spice or gingerbread waffles. Choose secondary and tertiary flavors that mix well with all your toppings so that everything tastes great together.

The toppings are also an important element in making a successful waffle bar. Here are some great choices for your toppings selection

  • Multiple flavors of whipping cream. Whipping cream is a great carrier for many different flavors. Make a plain vanilla option for your guests who aren't as adventurous, but then go beyond vanilla by including flavors like mint, cinnamon nutmeg and chocolate.
  • Fruits. Fresh fruit is a wonderful accompaniment to any waffle. Choose traditional fruits like blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. These fruits are familiar to people and mix well with any number of different waffles.
  • Ice cream toppings. Use caramel, fudge and other ice cream toppings to take your waffles to the next level. For those who want their waffles to be a true dessert, you can even include ice cream as a topping!

A great waffle bar will make your wedding something that your guests look back on with fondness for years to come.

For more information on catering ideas and options, contact a business like A Certain Flair Catering to discuss a potential menu.