Buying A Used Food Truck Online? Here's What You Need To Know

Buying a used food truck online is a great way to save money on a food truck purchase, provided that the purchase is made wisely. Consider the following factors when looking at online listings. Keeping these issues in mind will help you purchase the best used food truck for your needs.

Service History

As with any vehicle purchase, the food truck you buy should come with a record of its old mechanical service. Everything from oil changes to major repairs should be clearly documented. Unlike other vehicle purchases, however, your food truck service history should also include the service history and replacement of the restaurant equipment.

In particular, any new pieces of equipment should come with receipts and warranty information. Ask to see proof of this documentation up front when you're negotiating the price and making the final decision.

Restaurant Type

The type of food that a truck was used to prepare will have an affect on the type of restaurant equipment inside the truck. Some food trucks might include waffle makers, others might come with steamers, fryers or pizza ovens. Find out what type of food the truck was used to make and get an inventory of all restaurant equipment that comes with the truck. Just because a food truck comes with some of the wrong type of equipment doesn't mean that you can't outfit the truck with the right equipment after purchase, but the cost of purchasing new equipment will need to be factored into the final cost. Contact a company like Canada Food Equipment Ltd for more information.

Transportation Costs

Buying online can save a lot of money because the online market is so expansive that you'll have many options. Still, one thing to consider when purchasing a food truck in a faraway location is the cost of transporting that truck to your location. Get quotes from food truck transportation companies before committing to the purchase of your chosen truck.


Different food trucks come with different layouts, and not all layouts will be ideal for your situation. A food truck with a layout that doesn't work for your needs can cost you profits by slowing you down, but reconfiguring an old food truck can be expensive. Before you buy, ask for a diagram showing the layout of the entire truck, so you'll know exactly what you're getting into.

Most important when purchasing a used food truck online is to remember to have patience. The longer you're willing to wait and watch the online listings, the more likely you are to find the best deal for your needs.