3 Benefits Of Cornmeal Vs. Flour

Many recipes require a lot of flour, such as a lot of baking recipes. However, in many recipes, you can use cornmeal instead of flour. For example, even though many people use flour to make a roux to thicken up soups or stews or to make gravy, you can also use cornmeal to get a similar effect. Even though you might be aware of the fact that cornmeal can be used for some of the same things that flour can be used in, however, you could be wondering why you would make this substitution.

Pining For A Taste Of Italy? Try This Fast, Easy & Oh So Versatile Sauce Recipe

Dining out at a favorite Italian restaurant will always be the best possible way to enjoy fine Italian food and the special ambiance that is only possible in a genuine Italian eatery. But sometimes the urge for a taste of Italy arises when there is no time to go out for a restaurant meal and the jarred variety of sauce available at the local grocery store just won’t do. If you have never tried to make homemade pasta sauce, you may find that it is easier than you think.

Epic Pizza: Heirloom And Ancient Ingredients Give Your Favorite Pie Historic Flavor

You might believe that everything that can be done to pizza has been done to pizza. There’s BBQ pork pizza and even macaroni-and-cheese pizza, so what else can beat those crazy toppings? Plenty, it turns out, as chefs transform their kitchens into vessels for forgotten heirloom ingredients that are now being revived as interest in ancient food grows. The next time you go out for a slice of your favorite pizza pie, be on the lookout for some of these heirloom plants in the ingredients listed:

Buying A Used Food Truck Online? Here's What You Need To Know

Buying a used food truck online is a great way to save money on a food truck purchase, provided that the purchase is made wisely. Consider the following factors when looking at online listings. Keeping these issues in mind will help you purchase the best used food truck for your needs. Service History As with any vehicle purchase, the food truck you buy should come with a record of its old mechanical service.

Using Waffles To Make Your Wedding Catering Truly Memorable

When you’re catering for a wedding, it’s always nice to do something different than what other wedding parties are doing. This helps give your event a unique flair that will make it memorable for years to come. Here is a great option that will make your wedding catering different than what others are serving and that will, in turn, make your wedding a memorable one. Host a Waffle Bar Waffles are a delicious option for a wedding party.

Popular Thai Dishes

Thai food has really taken off in popularity in the Western world over the last several years. There are Thai restaurants popping up everywhere. If you’ve never tried this exotic food, it may be difficult to navigate through all of the various dishes and terms you’d find in a typical Thai restaurant. Here are some of the most popular dishes served and what they include so you can decide which new Thai dish will be your favorite.

4 Gift Ideas For Your Cheese-Loving Friend

If you have a foodie friend whose biggest food passion is cheese, why not get them a cheese-themed gift? It doesn’t have to be a cheesy gift either; there are a lot of unique and fun gift ideas that are also helpful for someone with this particular food favorite. Here are four gift ideas to consider giving to someone who has cheddar on their mind. Cheese-Themed Gift Basket One great idea is to make them a cheese-themed gift basket.

The Next Time You Order Chinese Food, Try These Three Unique And Extremely Healthy Ingredients

Chinese cuisine incorporates a number of nutritionally-packed ingredients in traditional dishes. You are probably already familiar with a lot of these frequently-used healthy items, like broccoli, carrots, peppers, grains, and lean meats, but here are three more that you should definitely try. Durian Fruit Have you ever come in contact with a durian fruit? If so, you would absolutely know it. Called the “king of fruits,” the durian is renowned for its pungent, offensive odor.

Secrets To Making Your Own Delicious Pizza Crust

Want to make restaurant quality pizzas at home? Some say that it’s all in the crust. If you have a standard, trusted pizza crust recipe, sometimes a little tweak is all it takes to make that good crust recipe into a fabulous crust recipe. Olive Oil vs. Water Nearly all pizza crust recipes will involve some amount of water mixed with yeast, oil, salt and flour. Water ensures that the crust will be light, airy and bready.

Eating Healthy At The Chinese Buffet

If you’ve ever been to a Chinese buffet, you know how difficult it can be to eat healthy foods. Deep fried foods abound at the buffet, and it can be tough to make healthy eating decisions when you go. If you’re on a diet or just want to eat healthier, here are some suggestions to help you enjoy the experience of a place like the Lotus Inn Restaurant while still eating better.

Teach Your Kids The Joy Of Cooking By Making Pizza And Cake

If your kids stay 10 feet away from the kitchen, because they do not like to help you out, make cooking fun for them. There are many ways you can do this, such as making pizza dough, using fun toppings on the pizza, and then mixing up and icing a cake. Pizza Pizza Kids love pizza, and they can have fun making it. Let them do everything from start to finish starting with the dough.

Two Sauces To Try On Your Next Pizza

One of the most important aspects of any pizza is the sauce that you put on it. The default option is a tomato-based marinara sauce, but there are many other good options. Each one of these choices will significantly impact the flavor of your pizza. In fact, it may be the most important choice you make when you decide what you want your pizza to taste like. Here are a couple of options to make your pizza taste amazing:

Staying On Track With Weight Loss Goals While Eating At A Fine Restaurant

You’re on track for your weight loss goal so far, which makes you feel great. One technique you rely on is to avoid restaurants altogether because you’re afraid the high-calorie items will be too tempting. Now, however, you’re expected to come along for a get-together at a fine dining establishment you love, and you really want to go. Use some smart strategies to have dinner at this restaurant while not losing momentum on your goal:

Make A Healthier Pizza Crust With Oat Flour

Many people find whole wheat pizza crust unappealing because it tends to be tougher and less airy than traditional white pizza crust. If you’re trying to make a healthier pizza crust with more fiber and whole grains, using oat flour instead of whole wheat flour is a good choice. Oat flour has a softer texture than whole wheat flour, so it preserves the fluffy, airy consistency better. Here is a basic oat flour pizza crust recipe to try the next time you feel like baking up a healthier pie.

Save Big With These Wedding Catering Cost-Cutting Tips

Creating the perfect wedding often means creating a hefty price tag, especially when it comes to supplying food and drink for all of your guests. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can make your reception go off without a hitch and without spending a fortune. Take a look at these catering cost-cutting tips and see for yourself: Avoid Buying More Food Than You Need It’s okay to order a few extra food items in case a few extra guests make a last-minute appearance.

The Health Benefits In Eating Chinese Food

Many people enjoy ordering Chinese take out every once in a while as a treat for the family, but you may want to increase the amount of Chinese food that you have in your diet for another reason: it is extremely beneficial to your health. Here are some of the reasons why eating Chinese food can get you on the right track to better health. Less Meat, More Grain While meat is available as a part of a Chinese meal, many Chinese dishes are made with rice or noodles being the main ingredient.